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We love sharing our clients' success stories, as a testament to our collective dedication to building the omni-channel business.

The Outset

The Outset's line of Clean Beauty with hydrating benefits is co-founded with Scarlett Johansson and Kate Foster.  When Ladnier Group was introduced, we immediately knew we could offer strategies and create efficiencies to debut the line successfully and within a tight deadline.  The brand was offered a 30 minute launch, and we developed customized value sets for the QVC audience.  We supported the team to fast-track approval processes, develop visual assets, model demos, and providing critical on-air coaching.  


The Outset debuted to great success with on-air sellouts, significant additional eCommerce assortment sales, 5-star reviews, and was immediately scheduled for a robust ramp-up plan.  We are thrilled to see the customer's delighted response, and look forward to a big year ahead!      


My Saint My Hero

Give the gift of a blessing....

A simple idea, sparked by a once-in-a-lifetime trip and a renewed foundation in faith. A single bracelet catapulted the brand into a national spotlight.

My Saint My Hero bracelets are created with love and prayer, and empower women through meaningful work in Bosnia Herzegovina and beyond.  Ladnier Group launched the woven bracelets in 2015, and they instantly became a customer favorite. 


Countless programming hours, 2 TSVs, a Big Deal, and over 200,000 units shipped later, they are a movement of light and love within the QVC family, and Ladnier Group continues to offer unwavering support to drive the business forward.       


Bondi Sands

Bondi Sands, the world's largest brand of self-tan products, brings access to affordable Australian glow to everyone.  And who doesn't want a bronzed glow?!


When Bondi Sands approached QVC, we knew there would be a litany of challenges due to the low price point/low margin, team proximity (half way around the world!), specialty claims, visual assets, and all of the intricacies of showcasing self-tan on-air.  Ladnier Group provided steadfast dedication to support all aspects of the unique business, and built strong and loyal host and customer advocates along the way.        

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