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About Us

A female founded retail agency, Ladnier Group provides expert knowledge, creative marketing and personal relationships to help develop and position your BRAND for visibility and sales growth in this ever changing omni-channel retail environment.  Ladnier Group has decades collective hands-on experience in nurturing products from jewelry and accessories, to kitchen and food, to beauty and beyond.


Sage Ladnier

Visionary and mission-oriented Brand & Merchant Builder with 20+ years of extensive experience in retail sales, marketing and brand development. Displays extreme creativity when ideating and conveying a confident and cohesive product-driven brand story that resonates with targeted audiences and generates new streams of revenue.

Allison Robbins 

Experiencing first-hand the power that storytelling can have in creating a real customer connection (and its sales potential), Allison has a passion to find those unique retail moments and bring them to life.  A Strategic Merchant and Brand Manager with over 20 years of omni-channel experience, she is keenly adept at finding the "white space" and maximizing sales opportunities to build long-term retail success.           

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