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When LG was first introduced to founder Angela Kim mid-2017 through their organic spas in New York city, we immediately knew that we wanted to bring the brand to QVC in order to teach the customers that they were unintentionally washing their faces "wrong".   


Savor Beauty is a line of organic skin care products that draws inspiration from Korean beauty rituals.  Their core products are numbered cleansers and moisturizers that create a 1-minute daily regimen which aim to give the customer "mulgwang" or "water-reflecting", glowing skin.


In this case, the brand was given the opportunity to debut their collection with a one-day specially priced Steal item on the BeautyIQ channel.  The LG team supported the launch by working with QVC's internal departments to approve claims, developed on-air graphic assets and model demos, as well as spending critical time with the founder and on-air guest to get the presentation nailed down to the allotted minutes.  


The line debuted to great success with 5-star reviews, and was immediately asked to come back for additional "hits" and "steals".  We look forward to continuing to grow this brand and maximizing their presence on all of QVC's e-commerce platforms.

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